authorMy name is Clyde, and I have always been into tools. My wife and I purchased our home in a small town in Pennsylvania at a young age. Money was tight back then so we always tried to make home repairs ourselves, instead of calling in a repairman.

As time passed, life became hectic. I used tools at my job on a daily basis, but when it came to building my tool collection at home, I started calling in professionals to come do the work for me. It saved me a lot of time in the long run; time that I could spend with my kids and eventually my grandkids instead of working on DIY projects.

When I retired, I found that working with a tighter budget made calling in all of those professionals a bit more difficult. I’d find myself putting things off, but truth be told they were piling up and not really being worked on.

My wife was always on my case to get the bathroom fixed up. She wanted a new deck and the stairs to the basement needed to be replaced. My tools were old. They were great 30 years ago or so, but now, they did not seem to do the job as quickly as I wanted, so I decided to purchase new tools that were more advanced than the ones I had packed away years ago.

Taking the work that needed to be done into consideration, I decided that an oscillating multi-tool would be extremely useful. It was a tool that could be used to cut, saw, and shape the wood that I needed to make the deck that my wife wanted. It could also be used to round the edges of the tile for the bathroom.

Being able to use one tool for a number of needs is important, especially when you get to be my age because carrying a lot of tools around can be difficult. This site is designed to give you the ins and outs of tools. If you like to take on DIY projects, then take a look around the site to help you find the optimal tool for the job.

And in case of suggestions or questions do contact me! Also feel free to say hi at my facebook page!

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